Rita Kiss, DSc

  • Status: head of the department, professor
  • Degree: DSc, dr.habil
  • Office: D407
  • Telephone: + 36 1 463-1738
  • E-mail:
  • Host time: link
  • Research fields: mechatronics, biomechatronics, biomechanics, motion analysis (lower, upper limb, stability) measuring for kinematics, kinetics and EMG
  • Subjects: Biomechatronikai modellezés és szimuláció Válogatott fejezetek a biomechatronikából Biomechanika BSc Biomechanika MSc Bionika és élettan II. Biomechatronika Kutatásmódszertan (PhD) Kísérlettervezés (PhD)
  • CV: magyar    english
  • Important publications:
    • Mária Takács, Zsanett Orlovits, Bence Jáger, Rita M Kiss: Comparison of spinal curvature parameters as determined by the ZEBRIS spine examination method and the Cobb method in children with scoliosis. PLOS ONE 13:(7) Paper e0200245. 19 p. (2018)
    • Nagymate G, Orlovits Z, Kiss RM: Reliability analysis of a sensitive and independent stabilometry parameter set. PLOS ONE 13:(4) Paper e0195995. 14 p. (2018)
    • Nagymáté Gergely, Tuchband Tamás, Kiss Rita M: A novel validation and calibration method for motion capture systems based on micro-triangulation. JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS 74: pp. 16-22. (2018)
    • Gyorgy Hangody, Gabor Szebenyi, Bence Abonyi, Rita Kiss, Laszlo Hangody, Karoly Pap: Does a different dose of gamma irradiation have the same effect on five different types of tendon allografts?: A biomechanical study. INTERNATIONAL ORTHOPAEDICS 41:(2) pp. 357-365. (2017)
    • Petro B, Papachatzopoulou A, Kiss RM: Devices and tasks involved in the objective assessment of standing dynamic balancing - A systematic literature review. PLOS ONE 12:(9) Paper e0185188. 25 p. (2017)
  • Publication list: